What is a Robot?

In fact, we can’t answer that question. But sometimes we don’t need to define it clearly. The human learning process is so wonderful that we can classify them accurately under a general concept.

Robots, are not people who work as machines , nor merely machines who look alike humans being. From the perspective of human beings, as long as it can replace one or several kinds of human labor, it can be called robot, such as chat robot and automatic trading robot.

Those robots are not in the category we are talking about today. What we are talking about is…

The Healthcare industry is under enormous pressure, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 period. The unexpected global pandemic has presented overwhelming challenges to human beings. Scientists, medical experts, doctors, and nurses across the globe have undertaken their responsibility to fight against the disease. However, with a shortage of healthcare labor force, it is undeniable that we are short in medical capacities.

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has been a catalyst for strengthening the increasing connection and cooperation between AI and the healthcare industry.

Medical Image Diagnosis for Future Healthcare

AI and ML can be powerful methods in healthcare: medicine research, diagnosis, disease prevention, and control…

New Retail

New retail has become a major trend in AI applications. Facing a variety of new retail models, it is not easy to improve tremendously in essence. Based on AI computer vision algorithm, a cloth fashion company can directly recommend a client's unique wear style according to gender, age, face shape, figure, clothing color, silhouette, foot shape and select the most suitable clothes and on the big screen inside the store.

Face Recognition

The customized “face recognition” algorithm, combined with a store somatosensory camera, can quickly recognize customers’ facial features, establish personalized tags, and give customized clothing suggestions. As the customer enters the…

Artificial intelligence is one of the information technology in the new generation, its application has gradually penetrated into all aspects of human life, promoting the development of transportation, medicine, and other fields. Let‘s talk about the popular AI application scenarios in transportation.

Intelligent transportation system

Using advanced science and technology to transportation, service control, and vehicle manufacturing, Intelligent Traffic System(ITS) strengthens the connection among vehicles, roads, and users, so as to form a qualified and comprehensive safety system with efficiency.

The influx of artificial intelligence technology in the e-commerce industry is changing the traditional way of shopping in many ways. Machine learning, NLP(natural language processing), and other AI tools enable enterprises to attract and maintain new customers. It can help you increase user engagement as well.


  1. For potential customers

In the e-commerce world, most sales teams don’t follow up sales leads because they think it’s just a waste of their marketing budget. In fact, according to a survey, 33% of companies did not even try to follow up with potential customers. Many promotion opportunities are missing. Technologies such as prediction…

With the development of the social economy and the improvement of residents’ living quality, the demand for medical services is growing rapidly.

However, due to a variety of complex factors, the medical industry is facing many pain points. In terms of supply, the medical sector has long been faced with problems such as lack of resources, uneven regional distribution, and shortage of experienced doctors. On the demand side, with the acceleration of the population aging process, the demand for medical resources expands significantly.

Intelligent Medical Treatment

The best way to solve the problem is the introduction of intelligent medical treatment, which has highlighted…

The annotation tool is the foundation of the data labeling industry. A good annotation tool is a key to improve efficiency and produce high-quality training data.

The commonly used data annotation tools are as follows: 2D boxing, semantic segmentation, polygon segmentation, key points, line annotation, video annotation, 3D boxing, etc.

Data Annotation Tools

1. 2D boxing

2D boxing is rectangular, and among all the annotation tools, it is the simplest data annotation type with the lowest cost.

2D Boxing

Common labeling objects: Vehicles, Pedestrian, Obstacles, Road signs, Signal lights, Buildings, Parking zone 2D Boxing labeling and Cutout annotation

2. Semantic segmentation

Semantic segmentation is a…


Industrial Robot

More and more AI products have been landing in the commercial scenarios, the industrial robot is one outbreak.

At present, the application of AI in the manufacturing industry is mainly focused on industrial Internet, defect detection, random sorting, intelligent handling, network security, robotics. The application is evidently related to automobile energy, electric power, pharmaceutical, heavy metal, etc.

The AI automation technology, not only can help empower industrial robot applications but also can reduce costs and improve efficiency, reliability, and safety.

The world’s first mass-produced vehicle model equipped with three laser radars, a complete automotive solution coming out



On April 15, the BAIC ARCFOX Alpha HI, equipped with Huawei’s automatic driving technology, conducted a public test ride in Shanghai, which is also the first public test ride of Huawei’s automatic driving technology in the world. Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotating chairman, said, “the R & D team told me that Huawei’s automatic driving can achieve 1000 kilometers without intervention in the urban area.

Automatic driving technology may take the lead in Logistics

With the prominent performance of auto-driving distribution vehicles and self-driving sanitation vehicles, the technology of autopilot is expected to make breakthroughs in low-speed scenarios and logistics distribution fields.

According to statistics, the total financing amount of Q1 global auto-driving enterprises in 2020 exceeded 3.5 billion US dollars, an increase of more than 34% compared to 2019.

In many cases, the financing amount has exceeded 100 million US dollars. Among which, one startup is focusing on auto-driving trucks.

It is of great significance to be able to complete such large financing. …


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