Intelligent Fitness Listed Company

Recently, the second intelligent fitness listed company has come into the world. Beachbody, which sponsored by superstars such as James, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cindy Crawford ,has a successfully IPO not long ago.

In addition to Peloton and Beachbody, as well as Mirror, which was acquired by Lululemon, there are also many smart fitness talents, such as Tonal, Tempo, Hydro, Grit EPIQ, Fightcamp, VAHA, and so on, which attract Sharapova, James, Curry, Tyson and many other sports stars to become partners

Intelligent Fitness Has Become a New Industrial Outlet in the World

Since the world has entered the era of epidemic normalization, the development of home-based fitness has accelerated its path. According…

Data Annotation service fuels AI sports

Artificial Intelligence Has Become the “GoldenEye” of Human Judges

During the 2018 World Cup in Russia, FIFA introduced the video assistant referee system (VaR) for the first time, which has attracted great attention. The scene is changing rapidly, it is inevitable that there would be disputes only based on the judgment of naked eyes. The VaR is composed of 35 professional cameras scattered in all angles of the court. When there is a dispute, The “golden eye” will help the referee make the right decision through video playback and automatic recognition technology.

According to reports, in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, gymnastics and other sports may also usher in…

Data Labeling service fuels AI sports

Do you remember the Movie Moneyball ten years ago? In the film, professional baseball manager Billy uses data models and data analysis to motivate players to their maximum potential and create a record of 20 consecutive wins. Now, the real story of that year has a real version.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence technologies have been increasingly used in the field of sports, such as helping athletes train scientifically, analyzing and forecasting events, improving fans’ interaction, and providing customized peripheral products. The sports industry is entering a new era of intelligence.

Data and quantitative analysis have been used in competitions for a…

There is no doubt that the growth of the AI industry market boosts the data annotation industry. Data, Algorithms, and Processing are Three indispensable Elements of AI.

Except for the self-driving industry, there are other 6 industries getting closer to data labeling service as the relevant AI products are about to commercialization rapidly and maturely.

Travel Industry

In travel industry, data annotation can not only be used for the research and development of autonomous driving, but also further help to plan travel routes and optimize driving environment by combining the data of Internet of things, big data of traffic network and onboard…

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What is Annotation?

Data annotation technique is used to make the objects recognizable and understandable for machine learning models. It is critical for the development of machine learning (ML) industries such as face recognition, autonomous driving, aerial drones, and many other AI and robotics applications.

Data Annotation Industry Size

The global data annotation market was valued at US$ 695.5 million in 2019 and is projected to reach US$ 6.45 billion by 2027, according to Research And Markets’ report. With a CAGR of 32.54% from 2020 to 2027, the data annotation market is witnessing tremendous growth in the forthcoming future.

Clients Categories

There is no doubt that the growth of…

Security Concerns

Different countries have issued corresponding laws and regulations for data security. For example, according to the EU GDPR, data cannot leave the EU region.

Take the self-driving industry as an example:

The smart car produces a large amount of data. Compared with traditional cars, the data security risks it will face involves personal privacy. The car will get some information about the driver or passengers inside the car, while the sensors outside the car may involve some information about the pedestrians outside the car. How to deal with, protect, use and store this information will involve personal privacy issues.


What is New Retail?

New retail is a new retail mode in which individuals and enterprises rely on the Internet, upgrade the production, circulation and sales with the help of big data, artificial intelligence and psychological knowledge, so as to reshape the business structure and ecosystem, and deeply integrate online services, offline experience and modern logistics.

— google search

In one sentence, new retail consists of offering a seamless shopping experience. This is a reconciliation of the digital and the physical world.

The new retail model has become the main retail model in today’s society.

What’s the Status of New Retail?

1. Based on big data, artificial intelligence and other…

Global AI Security Market

Artificial intelligence security monitoring technology is spreading to a wider range of countries at a faster speed. At least 75 of the 176 countries in the world are actively using AI for surveillance purposes, which include: smart city / Safe City platform (56 countries), facial recognition system (64 countries), and smart Policing (52 countries).

AI is Playing an Increasingly Important Role

AI has a great influence because it has the function of self-learning.

More info: How machine learning works?

Initially, computers learned to “infer” objects of interest in a scene. Now, it can detect objects in the real world, and match the results with the labeled data…

Self-driving Vehicle Can Perceive the Surrounding Environment Through Sensors

At present, the key technologies of auto-driving include environmental awareness, precise positioning, decision-making and planning, control and execution, high precision mapping and vehicle networking V2X, driving vehicle test, and verification technology.

With the support of this technology system and key hardware and software equipment, the self-driving vehicle can perceive the surrounding environment through sensors such as vehicle cameras, lidar, millimeter-wave radar, and ultrasonic sensors, real-time monitoring the changes of the surrounding environment, and make decisions based on the information obtained, thus forming a safe and reasonable path planning.

How 3D Point Data Labeling Service Empowers Self-driving Industry?

In the complex and diverse environment, assistant automatic driving technology can better sense the actual road, vehicle location, and obstacle information, real-time sense the driving risk, and achieve the predetermined goals of intelligent driving and automatic parking.

What is Lidar?

Lidar is a method for determining ranges (variable distance) by targeting an object with a laser and measuring the time for the reflected light to return to the receiver. Lidar can also be used to make digital 3-D representations of areas on the earth’s surface and ocean bottom, due to differences in laser return times, and by varying laser wavelengths. …


A data labeling platform with robust tools for real-time workflow management, providing high-quality training data with efficiency. —

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