Successful NLP is straightforward from the end user’s perspective:

The so-called artificial intelligence, whose benchmark is human, mainly refers to the certain field of human-computer interaction. The…

The main obstacle to the development of artificial intelligence: high-quality data

Most artificial intelligence projects are still not in “actual combat” yet, which shows that many companies face significant challenges in artificial intelligence applications. One of the most critical challenges is how to obtain high-quality data. In a recent survey report, respondents indicated two major bottlenecks: the lack of skilled employees…

Typical application scenarios where autonomous driving can be commercialized include independent taxi scenarios, warehousing, logistics, ports, docks, fixed-route area connections, sweepers, mining areas, etc. The following is a simple analysis of three representative landing scenes.

Some time ago, Chinese companies such as Baidu, AutoNavi, Weride, AutoX, and Didi rushed to…


A data labeling platform with robust tools for real-time workflow management, providing high-quality training data with efficiency. —

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