How Data Annotation Services Fuel Self-Driving Industry 2021-Part4

California’s First Unmanned Self-driving Vehicle Appeared, the Next Phase Would be Commercial Testing

Recently, the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) announced on Twitter that cruise can provide driverless car passenger service without the participation of safety officers.

Source: CPUC Webpage

Cruise then twittered, saying it was the first company to get such a license.

How Data Annotation Services Fuel Self-Driving Industry 2021? — Part3

Source:NIO ET7

What is the Problem with Autopilot in 2021?

Unlike the clear answer to the battle between vision and laser, there is still no clear answer as to which is more important to automatic driving, algorithm, or computing power.

At present, it is difficult to say either the algorithmic group or the computing power group wins the game in a short time. Large automobile manufacturers prefer algorithmic groups because of lower costs and large vehicle output. More training data can better algorithm performance.

For example, Toyota just announced in May 2021 that the next generation of automatic driving models will adopt the technology jointly developed by Mobileye and ZF.

How Data Annotation Services Fuel Self-Driving Industry 2021? — Part2

NIO ET7 source: geeknev

2021 is the Year of the Autonomous Lidar.

The new forces of the mainstream car building adopt lidar scheme on the intelligent electric vehicles. In traditional car factories, such as Audi, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, and so on, lidar will be applied, but no specific timetable has been released.

Contrary to the concentration of a large number of car companies on lidar, Tesla CEO mask has said more than once publicly that lidar is a stupid choice.

It is told that there is no dispute about whether lidar is advanced or not. …

How Data Annotation Services Fuel Self-Driving Industry 2021? — Part1

Baidu Apollo’s Driverless Car Joined in the Anti-epidemic Technology to Help Guangzhou Citizens’ Material Distribution and Travel

On June 4, 2021, near the blocked community in Liwan District, Guangzhou, Baidu Apollo’s self-driving cars gathered to start the material distribution work. That night, the Apollo team assembled in another community, accomplishing the shuttle service of more than 1500 teachers, students, medical staff, and successfully assisting in covid-19 test detection in 7 hours.

As far as we know, the key to win against covid-19 is to seize every minute. On the evening of June 3, the Guangzhou municipal government urgently called on Guangzhou Science and technology enterprises to participate in the fight. …

How Data Labeling Services Empower Self-Driving Industry 2021? — Part5

On May 31, 2021, it is shown that didi auto-driving completed a new round of strategic financing with an amount of over US $300 million, and the investor was GAC group.

Since its split in 2019, Didi has raised more than the US $1.1 billion in total.

In 2016, Didi began to develop and test automatic driving.

In August 2019, Didi upgraded its automatic driving department to the company. …

How Data Labeling Services Empower Self-Driving Industry 2021? — Part4

Lidar is Not Used To “Replace” the “Visual Route”

If you are not as paranoid as Musk, automatic driving may not need to divide any technical routes, but only need to optimize the technology. But standing on the opposite side of lidar, Tesla may have missed the best time to develop fully autonomous driving.

Lidar is not to replace millimeter-wave radar and vision, but to match with other sensors as a heterogeneous sensor. Through these three different sensors, a heterogeneous fusion can be made to ensure the overall perception security and improve sensitivity and accuracy.

Different from the traditional mechanical rotary lidar, Suteng, a Chinese company mainly adopt MEMS…

Why Does the Manufacturing Industry Need AI?

From two dimensions, the first is technology: the rapid increase of computer processing, the decrease of storage cost, and the development of cloud computing, the Internet of things, and other technologies, which greatly reduce the AI application cost. Secondly, demand: with the development of the requirement of consumers’ personalization and product quality upgrading, the complexity of the manufacturing industry has been greatly increased, in terms of the organizational form, quality inspection, warehousing, and logistics. …

How Data Labeling Services Empower Self-Driving Industry 2021? — Part3

A few days ago, according to overseas media reports, the German Bundestag passed the draft “automatic driving law”, which was submitted to the German Federal Council for approval on May 28, 2021. With the approval of the Federal Council, the German federal president will issue and publish it in the Federal Register.

It is reported that with the approval of the Federal Council, Germany will become the first country in the world to allow driverless vehicles to participate in daily traffic and apply them on a nationwide scale. …

How Data Labeling Services Empower Self-Driving Industry 2021? — Part2

In the last article, we introduce 2 giant self-driving companies, TESLA and BAIC, in this page, we’d like to present the third one Waymo.

Andrei Stanescu via Getty Images/


In December 2016, Google’s driverless project became Waymo, a subsidiary of Alpha, Google’s parent company.

Since Waymo was founded, it has established a “zero-tolerance policy” — security. As the company’s mission mentioned, “let people and things move more conveniently and safely.”

Waymo, the research, and development company of automatic driving technology announced the details of its fifth-generation test car this year, which is based on the I-PACE, a pure electric vehicle owned by Jaguar. …

How Data Labeling Services Empower Self-Driving Industry 2021? — Part1

Automatic Driving

Self-driving vehicles rely on artificial intelligence, visual computing, radar, monitoring devices, and GPS, enabling computers to operate vehicles automatically and safely without any human initiative. Most of the companies are still in the driving assistance stage.

As self-driving technology is going to transform the transportation industry, social and daily lives, it’s hard to know when that day will arrive. As life is priceless, we have to seek perfection from the beginning.

In this series, we’d like to introduce 3 giant self-driving companies.


Tesla's AP function is automatic assistant driving, FSD function is fully automatic driving, it can be considered as…


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